What’s the point of gathering more data in sport?

When reading ‘Data experts are becoming football’s best signings‘, an article shared by the BBC, there is one sentence that stood out to our General Manager, Jon Hobbs.

“Having access to people who can understand that data is critical.”

When we speak to clubs and organisations the issue facing analysis teams is not the amount of data they’re able to get access to or generate themselves, it’s how to apply and communicate the data to the coaches, athletes, and all other departments within their organisation. And the latter is really of utmost importance.

Athletes and coaches across all sports are bombarded with information. If anything, they’re data-fatigued, often being presented with tracking data, event data, video, instrumentation data, health data, sleep data, nutritional data, biometric data, and much more. However, it can all essentially be deemed redundant without the knowledge of how to use this data correctly.

You can have 10 Laurie Shaw’s in your organisation but unless you’ve also got a Pep Guardiola and a Txiki Begiristain who give you the time and trust required to build your data infrastructure and make decisions that are data-informed, there is no point.  The organisation’s leadership needs to create an environment whereby a data-informed strategy becomes commonplace. It’s all about how to get the right data in front of the right people at the right time.

There will always be ‘the next stat’ or ‘the new tech’ that supposedly gives you more information than you’ve had before and which unlocks the key to your organisation’s success but will it be understood by the athletes and applied in the coaching effectively?

At Insight Analysis, we offer a free Data Discovery session to any professional sports organisation that wants to know whether they’re using their data effectively. We’re software agnostic, meaning that however you gather your data we’ll give you a thorough ‘Data MOT’ and let you know if there’s anything you could be doing better. This can cover the whole data infrastructure within your organisation.

So if you’d like a team of experts with decades of collective experience at the top level of elite sport to come and give you a no-obligation audit of your systems and processes, please email Jon directly at [email protected] and we can book a convenient time and date.

We’re here to simplify the world of sports performance analysis and help you find your edge.