data capture




Consistent reliable data capture

Our proprietary framework for data collection 'CaptureRight' means we have a deep understanding of the technicalities and real-world challenges of acquiring accurate, reliable data.  

Long term development

CaptureRight is a process that has evolved over the last fifteen years, which we have successfully deployed into Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cycling, Snowsport and Squash.

Multi-sport application

We’ve extracted key learnings from each of the unique sporting environments in which we work, allowing us to make informed improvements to our whole process.

the methodology

#defined data capture

A clearly set rulebook of definitions is what underpins the CaptureRight technique of data capture. This is augmented with artificial intelligence; where appropriate, to enhance and supplement the data collection. AI provides a layer of quality control for the data, increasing consistency & efficiency of data capture.



   #cutting edge tech

Smart Data Platforms

Through our smart platforms we can ingest a variety of forms of raw data from multiple providers and still output clear consistent analysis 

World leading analysts

Performance Analysts and Data Science teams provide different and complimentary skill sets when we are tackling our projects

AI powered insights

Aligning tracking and event data, we utilise AI to generate new metrics that would be impossible to achieve without our advanced data science techniques