We operate in partnership with our clients. Using our insight and expertise for external consultancy. This might begin with our What Is Needed Analysis. Undertaking a thorough assessment of current systems in order to identify where improvements can be made.

Through our senior team we offer coach support. Helping coaches to understand how they can best use performance analysis and data management. In order to make those marginal gains in performance that will transform results.

A recent consultancy project was for Bath Rugby PLC.



Bath Rugby Football Club is one of the oldest, most prestigious, rugby clubs in England. Insight, currently in its third year of a contract with Bath Rugby, provide Performance Analysis services to the senior team.

This involves the strategy and delivery of all aspects of Performance Analysis including the collection, management, and dissemination of data to the coaching, performance and playing staff. We hold regular meetings with Bath Rugby to share our knowledge base and provide resource overspill for the service requirements based on our decades of rugby and analysis experience, we also review our agreed SLA’s periodically to ensure we can adapt to meet evolving requirements.

The dedicated analysts working with Bath Rugby also benefit from regularly internal performance reviews which run in parallel with any other contracts held.

These service aspects together with the network of analysts provided by Insight have proven to be extremely valuable to Bath Rugby as a sounding board when gauging opinion and testing out new ideas.